… and what’s in it.

On July 2, 2019 Mike Rowe sampled water in the pumps at Cabins 160 and 181. The test results were excellent. He also sampled the Lake in two locations. Those results were excellent too. The report on all four water samples can be downloaded here. AGRA_Analytical_Rpt19070309_20190703171728  Heartfelt thanks go to Mike for managing the water testing..

We do have weeds and algae in our Lake: The LLCOA engages Aquatic Technologies – (Lake Management Consultants) to monitor the lake and provide treatments to control the growth weeds and algae. Their technician, Chris Hanlon surveyed the lake on June 7 and returned on June 14 to apply “aquatic products to control the targeted vegetation…”
Download reports:
June 14, 2019 AquaticServiceReport_5479_6142019
June 7, 2019 AquaticServiceReport_5371_672019
May 1, 2019 AquaticTechServiceReport_4959_512019 


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Download reports:
Service Report 9/19/2018 Survey & Treatment
Service Report 8/30/2018 Survey
Service Report 6/8/2018 Survey
Service Report 5/30/2018 Treatment