Fire, police or ambulance emergency: 973-697-1300 or 911
The LLCOA applies to Jefferson Township for permission to have campfires during the summer. Once the permit is in place the Township requires prior notice of individual campfires, so if you plan to have one call 973-697-1300 to let the Township know.

Jefferson Township, NJ
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Managing and Controlling Tick Infestations by Feliks Kiselyuk:
Tick season is upon us and I thought it would be a great time to share some tips for managing the “uptick” in their numbers this year. But first a short bio on ticks… Deer Ticks, also known as black-legged ticks, transmit the bacterium Lyme disease via a skin bite. The disease can be transferred by an infected deer tick, but not all ticks carry Lyme.
Continue reading: Tick Info

Fire Safety by Mike Klein:
The Lake is calling! So grab your marshmallows and hit the fire pit! Your outdoor fire can do way more than cook and entertain friends, but whatever activity you are enjoying, remember cabin fire safety. Continue reading:

Liability Insurance:
LLCOA members must have liability insurance. This is often available as an add-on to an existing homeowners policy. In the case that a cabin owner needs a separate liability insurance policy, the board without assuming any responsibility is providing the following contact info:

Richard Paglianite
Senior Account Executive
Direct (973) 842-4038
Main (973) 429-8100
Fax (973) 842-4856
265 Broad Street | Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Arthur J. Gallagher
200 Jefferson Park
Whippany, NJ. 07981

Bowling Green Agency
239 Oak Ridge Road
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

Tree Services:
Some of us have dead trees on our lots that are menacing our cabins and, of course, anyone walking around outside. Three LLCOA members have hired professionals to remove dead trees from their lots and have been satisfied with the service provided. The board is passing along contact info for these tree service professionals. We do this out of neighborliness. We cannot assume any responsibility for the performance or the outcome of work done for you.

Adrian Pritchett Tree Service
Office: (973) 839-7596;
Mobile: (973) 886-0875
PO Box 26
Pompton Plains NJ 07444

All Affordable Tree Service
web site:
Phone: 973-895-3334
Randolph NJ

North Jersey Tree Specialists
Web site:
Office: 973-696-9922
Mobile: 862-926-7577

And yes, we do have a rule requiring permission to cut down trees more than 6 inches in diameter. We don’t apply that rule to the cutting down of dead trees.

Propane Suppliers:
Eastern Propane
255 Oak Ridge Rd
Oak Ridge NJ 07438-8897


Dixon Brothers Inc
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046


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