The Lake – What’s in our water?

In addition to fish, turtles, and frogs we do have weeds and algae in our Lake. The LLCOA engages a lake and pond management company, Lake Management Sciences (LMS) to monitor the lake and provide treatments to control the growth of nuisance vegetation. Their technicians, survey the lake on regular intervals and return to apply products to control aquatic weeds and algae. The reports include illustrations of observed aquatic plants and algae. Service reports are listed below.

2022 reports:
2022_08_04 LMS ServiceReport
2022_07_21 LMS Service Report
2022_07_18 LMS Service Report
2022_06_30 LMS Service Report
2022_06_08 LMS Service Report
2022_05_23 LMS Service Report

2021 reports:
2021_07_06 LMS Service Report
2021_06_23 LMS Service Report
2021_05_26 LMS Service Report
2021_05_10 LMS Service Report

2020 reports:
2020_08_14 Aquatic Service Report
2020_08_06 Aquatic Service Report
2020_07_01 Aquatic Service Report
2020_06_19 Aquatic Service Report
2020_06_03 Aquatic Service Report
2020_05_20 Aquatic Service Report

2019 reports:
2019_08_09 AquaticServiceReport
2019_06_14 AquaticServiceReport
2019_06_07 AquaticServiceReport
2019_05_01 AquaticServiceReport

2018 reports:
Service Report 9/19/2018 Treatment
Service Report 8/30/2018 Survey
Service Report 6/8/2018 Survey
Service Report 5/30/2018 Treatment

Longwood Lake ManagementPlan 1994
Longwood Lake ManagementPlan 1994 PDF

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