LLCOA Handbook, Rules and Regulations, Founding Documents, and PREDFDA

For over 100 years, Longwood Lake has been providing a beautiful and bucolic setting for nature lovers who enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, boating, birding, and bonding around a campfire. Although it’s unknown exactly when the first cabins were built, some of our current members are the third generation of their families spending time on the lake. Undoubtedly, cabins were already built and being enjoyed as far back as the early 1930’s.

The property was managed by the Russell family, who lived in a house at the top of what is now Blue Road, from 1934 until 1986. On January 2, 1986, the LLCOA had its first organizational meeting, and soon after we took over the management of the lake and the surrounding 660 acres. By May 1990, we had purchased the property, and with 85 members became a condominium association. Now we are a thriving community with 92 units, still appreciating the same seasonal rustic lifestyle, as well as a variety of LLCOA social activities.

Most of our members have been coming to the lake for decades, (some all their lives), and love the chance to unplug and de-stress in an environment that is a rarity in today’s world. As a result, we have created a culture that is both unique and fragile. This handbook of rules and regulations, written and approved by the membership, is our attempt to preserve and protect this escape from daily life, an integral part of our time at the lake. Everyone at our lake is expected to live and play in a way that respects contents of this Handbook. The 2021 revisions to the Handbook were approved by votes of the Members at the June 26, 2021 Annual Meeting.
Download – LLCOA_2022_Handbook

At the Annual Meeting in June 2021, the membership voted to update the LLCOA Handbook. The Handbook is excellent – thoughtful, well- researched and well-written. Now that members have voted to approve these rules, we hope everyone will make an effort to comply with them. We expect that voluntary compliance will be the main engine of rule observance in our community that values courtesy, and mutual respect among members. There will inevitably be cases where violations and/or allegations of violations do occur. Fortunately, the Rules themselves establish clear procedures for dealing with such eventualities — beginning on page 20. We ask all members study those pages. They set out a process that is reasonable and fair; and gives all parties an opportunity to be heard.
Download – Rules Compliance Policy

The “Certificate of Incorporation” is the document in which we established the LLCOA as a legal organization.
Download – Certificate of Incorporation

The Master Deed is the founding document that established our condominium and provides the basis for our rules and regulations.
Download – Master Deed with Old Bylaws

The Bylaws are the rules that describe how our condominium operates. At the annual meeting on October 3, 2020 the LLCOA membership approved the Amended and Restated Bylaws.
Download – 2020_10_03-ac-amended-and-restated-bylaws-of-llcoa

This is a critical part of the New Jersey law covering condominiums. It is described in the Handbook, and although it is a public document, is included here for convenience.
Download – PREDFDA 2017 Amendment

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