LLCOA Rules and Regulations

(Revised June 2007)

Download PDF:   llcoa_rules_june_07

Welcome to Longwood Lake!  This booklet is meant as an introduction to the Lake, something we can pass out to prospective purchasers, as well as a handy source of information for longtime owners.

Longwood Lake is a wonderful place to swim, fish, walk in the woods, sunbathe or just hang out.  Many parts of our land and water look like wilderness, and that’s a lot of its charm. But, because it’s so wonderful, there are a lot of cabins around it, with over eighty-five now occupied. This means that even though it looks like a wilderness, we’re actually very close together, and that whatever goes on at one cabin can easily affect people at neighboring cabins. To keep us from bothering each other too much, we’ve made rules and regulations over the years.  Everybody who owns a cabin on Longwood Lake, and all of their guests, are bound by these rules.

Although some rules were initially imposed on us by Realty Transfer before we bought the land, most of them were developed by the Committee for the Future and other working groups composed of cabin owners.  All have been voted for by a majority of the members. They are here to make life more pleasant for all of us.  If you think a rule is unfair, you still have to obey it.  What you can and should do is discuss it with your neighbors, bring it up at the next meeting, and make a motion to change it. Nothing is written in stone except the basic notion that we are a democratic

The rules are found in three packages, the “Master Deed”, the “By-laws” and the “Rules and Regulations”.  The first two are long legal documents that can be obtained from the officers and which are excerpted here.  All of the current “Rules and Regulations” are included in the document below.

Download PDF:   llcoa_rules_june_07