High Water on Blue Road and a Very Wet Bridge

A couple of feet of snow cover washed into the lake by two days of rain means we are having a spectacular mud season.

Aaron  took this picture Sunday, March 14 of the Blue Road and the bridge.

At least three LLCOA officers have been up at the Lake during the stormy weather keeping an eye on things. Here are some of their messages:

From Aaron:
The road is well below the bridge elevation and who knows how much the bridge might be damaged. Even the lake was a flowing river. Not a cheap fix.

From Vicki:
Our dock is still floating on top of the water! Hope we don’t find it sitting on the bottom after the water subsides.  So far, so good! The water was expected to crest around 3 or 4 this afternoon, based on what I read on line this morning.

From Jeff:
I will try to get up to the Lake on Tuesday or Wednesday to see what things look like after the water subsides. The hard rain not only dropped a lot of water directly, but it also melted a ton of snow.  When I was there Thursday, most of the ground was still covered by almost a foot of snow and the lake was mostly frozen and covered with snow.  Yesterday, as the rain fell, the snow was melting, but a lot of it was still there.  When I left yesterday at about 5 pm, there was still no flooding near the bridge, but the water looked like it was rising fast.

Dick and I will try to get up to the Lake on Wednesday and will report back. I can post your news and pictures on this blog. Send stuff to longwoodlakecabinowners@gmail.com.


One thought on “High Water on Blue Road and a Very Wet Bridge”

  1. Thanks for all of the information from all of you! For various reasons, Armand and I haven’t been out to the Lake in more than a month and will not be able to go for at least another 10 days. Please, keep us posted. Thanks

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