Open letter to the person who spent last night throwing fireworks at the lake

We have two dogs. They love coming to the lake with us every weekend. However, last night was the fourth time that our restful evening was abruptly interrupted by fireworks. See? Canine ears react in a very different way to gunpowder detonation, as they are greatly magnified, causing them to go into panic mode and trying to run away in any way possible. Some dogs shiver for hours after the fireworks are done, others go into such levels of fear and distress that they release themselves, and in some cases, they even go into cardiac arrest and die. Because of your stupid, childish and selfish act, and to avoid getting our dog killed, we had to pack in the middle of the night and go home. Again.

We had an amazing fireworks display on the Fourth of July, which was quite enjoyable. We were expecting it (and looking forward to it), so we left our dogs safe at home, so we could all enjoy the evening at the lake. This was Independence Day, so a big display of fireworks was a must, along barbecues, hot dogs, drinks and lake fun.

In a community filled with pets, senior citizens and young children it is as simple as COMMON COURTESY for your fellow neighbors. In Yellow Road alone, there are 10 dogs, besides families with little children and even a couple of babies and toddlers, which are also affected by the noise. A few days ago, I got true words of wisdom (and humanity) from one of my neighbors who’s big on fireworks: “I love fireworks, but I love my dog more.” Could not be simpler.

How is it possible that our community can be so adamant (the word I am actually thinking is “petty”) about bonfires and fire pits, while turning a blind eye to unsupervised use of fireworks? I understand and appreciate the concern about open flames. However-and call me crazy- it seems to me that having amateur pyrotechnicians shooting rockets in a forest, filled with houses basically made out of tinder might be even more concerning.

If there’s not a rule about this, LLCOA should consider creating one restricting solely it to national holidays, and following strict safety parameters (fireworks are banned and illegal in many states for a reason). If there’s one, start enforcing it for a change.

Paco Correa

132 Yellow Road

Dear Paco-
I am sorry to hear about the distress suffered by your dog, which caused you to have to leave your cabin the middle of the night.
Regarding your comment about LLCOA rules, it turns out that while we do not have a rule specifically about fireworks, we do have a rule on loud noises in general that was written with fireworks (as well as loud music and other disturbing high volume noise) in mind. It says:
“Loud noises are prohibited after 10 p.m. except on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day when they are prohibited after midnight.“
We will post this letter on the website, along with yours, in order to remind all cabin owners that these are the guidelines we have democratically established to promote neighborliness and community. Thank you for writing your letter and posting it. It may help to raise awareness of this issue.
I hope this never happens again, but if it does, might be helpful if you could identify the party creating the disturbance. And if you are willing, it would be a good idea if you spoke directly to that party. The reality is that most rules are effective because we have a high degree of voluntary compliance in lake community. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation. But if that fails, next steps would include ADR and possible intervention by the board.
Richard Heitler.

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