Pavilion Comments by Sharon Pannucci

Better look into cost of monthly porta johns and garbage disposal……if people are routinely attending a gathering we will need to consider….makes me glad we are on the other side of the lake away from the potential hubbub of activity…we have raised two kids here and have always been able to keep busy when here whether it be summer or the many times we were up here during the dead of winter. It was the main reason we purchased here …. something very different from the lake communities out in the Poconos. Simple…not costly…and a place we could keep to ourselves if we wanted.

The annual picnic and water festival a nice option and of course the ice fishing competition. For those who want something a little more special the dinner dance was an annual economical night out ….. Many of us are private people who like to get away from the hectic modern life routine and just be. There is nothing like the darkness of our site lit up by a campfire. Do we really need a roof to enjoy occasional additional outdoor activities like corn hole or whatever.

And the additional noise created and possible lighting will have to be tolerated by cabins in that vicinity. I guess we are more for the “rustic” … some good food cooked on the outdoor fire, a little bit of fishing on the lake….etc. etc. Do we really feel the need to change things…. the simple way of life at Longwood Lake has been entertaining cabin owners for many many years and from what we have seen … many gererations keep coming back. It is so different and unique and again, simple. The cost of this project does not seem to be the right time either…a lot of economic uncertainty in the world right now. As someone so wisely mentioned at the meeting the other week….. the lake IS the main focus of our community and we need to be very prepared if the time comes we have to fix that dam. Thank you for your time.

Sharon Pannucci

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