Response to Dick Leigh’s Inquiry

Thanks for your thoughtful inquiry.

I did not send out official RFP’s.
I first contacted Lowes and Home Depot to see if they had any pavilion kits we could purchase.
Both only carry pavilion kits up to 20’x20′, not large enough to meet the potential needs.

I then did a google search for companies that provided larger pavilion with a suggested size of 40′ x 60′ to match our previous tent.
I was only able to find the 2 companies that produced standard pavilions in that size.
When contacted, I requested quotes on their basic 40′ x 60′ pavilions.
At least one company, possibly both required mandatory on site assembly by them.

Companies providing custom work typically require up front money for drawing etc, and are expected to be more expensive than pre-packaged pavilions.
The committee was looking to avoid spending money up-front
We are certainly open to any input on possible other manufacturers or providers.

In addition, I contacted Danny to confirm his previous quote which was submitted earlier than the others.
Want to be sure all quotes are valid to date.

Hope this answers your inquiry.
Bill Klein

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