Request for brochures or URLs for companies that submitted bids

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your work to get bids at the lowest cost, but as of now, I don’t have any more critical information than I did before. I have to push a little harder:

Please supply either brochures or URLs (web addresses) for the two companies that submitted bids. The kind of information I’m looking for is below.

Please provide any documentation describing what Danny was asked to build or what he proposed to build. So far I know:

– It’s a 40 ft x 60 ft pavilion,
– To be built over existing 24 x 33 ft concrete pad, which would have to be extended.
– Open high ceiling, with “hip roof.”
– Roof could be one of many colors,
– Posts would be standard treated wood,
– That’s all I know.

To make a judgement, I would need to know:

– How the roof is surfaced – steel, shingle, PVC, or what?
– How is the framing laid out? What’s it made of?
– How many posts? Where? (I don’t require Building Dept. drawings, a sketch or written description would do.)
– How are the posts are attached? A rectangular structure is inherently unstable and needs reinforcement to withstand lateral forces (wind).
– What footings are involved – concrete? how large? How deep? How are the posts attached to the footings?
– Will the wood framing be painted at the quoted prices?
– What wind speed is the structure warranted for, if any?

And so on. I think that in order to vote we need to understand what we would be getting for the money at a much more detailed level than we have yet seen.


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