Approving the proposed pavilion project is fiscally irresponsible.

• The project costs at least $66,000 for the pavilion and $4,000 for the expanded concrete slab. Total $70,000

• It will cost a minimum of $1000/year just for taxes and insurance

• A structure this big is only necessary for the picnic and the annual meeting

• Picnic tent costs $1340 and church for annual meeting is $100. $1440 total.

• $1440 – $1000(taxes & insurance) = $440/year in savings

• It will take 159 years to pay for itself

• Large events such as the picnic and dinner dance cost at least $9000 each

• Each additional event requiring a structure that size would mean an increase in dues of at least $85/cabin

• Card games, bingo night, nature talks, etc. – could easily be accommodated in the existing clubhouse

• If the funds set aside for the dam are not enough, we will all have to pay an additional assessment.

• $70,000 represents an assessment of $761/cabin

Gail G. Slockett

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