Regarding the Previous Pavilion Proposal:

The Pavilion Committee recently modified its previous proposal.

Members may not be aware that over the past few months, there have been large increases in the cost of dimensional lumber, as well as shortages in supply. As an example, the cost of trusses for our lowest structure quote increased by $5,000 dollars since May. Therefore, the quote was resubmitted with an increased overall cost. All 3 quotes are on the website for review

We have also provided increased clarity in the project scope. Changes from the previous presentation are in Blue or Red font

A very important change in that we will not be asking for your vote to approve funding the building of a pavilion structure.

Instead, at the Oct. 3rd Annual Meeting we would like to propose a non-binding vote to understand if Members would support a pavilion in the future if we could keep the structure cost at or below $65,000 dollars

This vote would NOT allow for appropriating funds for a building structure. It would only keep the committee active in looking to find alternative options for presentation, discussion and MEMBERapproval at a future date.

We ask that you take the time to review the updated information so you are fully aware of the changes.

The committee apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience to members regarding their consideration for the project proposal.

If any member would like the presentation sent to you directly from the committee, please contact or email Bill Klein (973-219-0384) or


The Pavilion Project Committee

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