Our Furry Neighbors

“Leave my Mom alone. She’s just been tranquilized!”

For several years Wildlife Services Technicians from the NJ Fish and Wildlife Division of the NJDEP have visited us in March to monitor a collared female bear who lives on the northwest side of Berkshire Valley Road. In 2017 the Technicians found the bear and four cubs.
In 2018 she was still raising her one-year-olds. She and her youngsters ran away from the Technicians. When the Technicians came back in 2019 this is what they found — five new cubs.

When the NJ Fish and Wildlife technicians returned in February 2020 they could hear her signal but couldn’t get close enough to look at her. She had yearlings and was very mobile!

In 2021 our collared bear had cubs again and made her den up the hill. This year was a little different, she made her den on the property to the right of the power lines as you go up hill. The Wildlife Services Technicians switched out Mom’s collar and tagged two healthy cubs, a boy and a girl. The bear family is doing well up on that ridge.
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