LLCOA Picnic – 2021

I have loved photography since I was a child. I enjoy taking pictures of faces and bodies and people just people being themselves. However, unless it’s a modeling photoshoot, which I rarely do anymore, I dislike posed pictures, like the stereotypical ones you could find in a wedding album. They look stiff, uncomfortable and fake… kind of forced and dead.

I’d rather be like a fly in the wall, documenting everything, preferably without being noticed, (big lenses are great for this).

At Longwood Lake, I hit the jackpot. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, city slickers or country people, conservative or liberals, social butterflies or curmudgeons, everyone here is a character in their own right and each one of them has a fascinating story to tell, if you care to listen closely. Another thing I noticed is that, once you get to know everyone, you can’t stop smiling and laughing–with the possible exception of the board meetings and the firework culprits, but those are stories for another day. Proof of this was the bingo, the trivia night, the docktail hour and most recently, the annual picnic.

Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name. That’s Longwood Lake. Enjoy the pictures and… Cheers!

– Paco Correa

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