Pavilion Comments by Jim Morgan

Thank you for forging ahead to propose that a Pavilion will greatly increase recreation options at the Lake.

One of the justifications was that the structure will replace the need of a tent at our annual picnic.

My observation is that the tent never was able to accommodate all the members. In fact, with the use of “picnic tables”, there will be a significant increase in Pavilion size to cover everyone.

You may recall that I was the volunteer to prepare a proposal for the “storage” building. Note that I also prepared a proposal for a pavilion that included an association office, storage for LLCOA equipment (currently scattered at various cabins),an area for the “movie crew” plus a large area for the picnic event with an area for dancing, etc.

The cost would have been approximately $100,000 to $115,000. Obviously, we could eliminate some of the amenities and bring the cost down. BTW, these costs were in 2010 +/- dollars.

Note that the committee did not allow for the dance floor (if you have attended this event [the Picnic]you know how important dancing seems to be). I suggest that the program be reconsidered to allow the construction of a structure that meets our needs now and into the future.

Also, there was a suggestion that a generator would be used when lights were needed. I suggest that the committee pursue the possibility of installing solar on the roof of the pavilion with battery storage. This could be a future expense, with generators for immediate use. This would allow evening activities with the flick of a switch!.

I am not aware when the project would start the actual construction. Early Spring would be best as there will be lots of large dump trucks and materials delivery kicking up dust.

I want to assure the committee that I am all for a Pavilion; just as long as it provides cover for all our current needs. My motivation is based on the observation of the use of the current “storage” building: it was originally designed to allow LLCOA committee meetings and sets for our ‘Movie Crew”; some scheduling has caused conflicts. None-the-less, it is a well used asset for the LLCOA.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the Pavilion Project.

Thank you,
Jim Morgan
192 Blue Road.

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