Pavilion Project

The Pavilion committee, consisting of Board Members Bill Klein, Feliks Kiselyuk, Frank Parillo have prepared a proposal to build a large pavilion in Freddie’s Field to encourage and entice greater involvement and interaction within the Longwood Lake community. There will be a Power Point Presentation (and pdf version) available on our website for review by all members. In addition, we will be presenting the information at our virtual Annual Meeting on October 3.

We invite and encourage all members to review the presentation prior to the meeting and to submit questions and comments regarding the information contained in the proposal. Our goal is to have all comments and questions posted on our website (anonymously if requested). “The committee will post answers to questions or comments on the website to keep members informed and to be as transparent as possible to both support any concerns regarding the Pavilion Proposal.

Comments and questions can be submitted to:

Bill Klein 

Feliks Kiselyuk

Frank Parillo

When responding to the Pavilion Committee please copy the LLCOA at

We are doing this to ensure members have as much information as possible prior to the meeting to keep it both focused and concise. After the presentation and all discussion has been concluded, there will be a vote to determine if the project is approved.

The committee asks for members to review the information and hopefully support the project.

The Pavilion Proposal documents dated 9-17-20 have been removed at the request of the authors.

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